Fancy Frames


Need a special wedding gift for a special couple? Don’t want to spend too much on a one-of-a-kind present?  Check out my “Fancy Frames.” K Joy Creations  .  I custom create these frames – you just give me the names to use, the colors/themes, the wedding date, and I will make it happen! 🙂

     The art is 5 x 7 inches & the frame is included. The price is only $15 if you are in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. If not, the price is $20, for shipping and handling. If you would like an 8 x 10, the price is $20 local, $25 if outside of the Hampton Roads area. I can create these Fancy Frames for any occasion, not limited to weddings.  They can be gifts for graduations, babies/children [Framed  names for a child’s room/the birth of babies/Christenings],  or can be used to promote a business. Possibilities are endless!

Email me at or go to my Facebook page –  K Joy Creations

     The recipient(s) will always think of you when they look at it & will be reminded of the JOY(ous) occasion!

Life’s meaningful celebrations deserve a personal touch. 🙂




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