Valentine’s Day, Yay!



I have always loved Valentine’s Day, aka V-Day. This upcoming V-day will be the 2nd one I get to celebrate with my Honey. I can honestly say that I feel like we celebrate it every single day, which is how it should be, minus the gifts of course. We always do little things to show we care, or that we’re thinking of each other – like him going to the store to get me my “extra strength” glue stick when I run out of it mid project, him cooking for me, or me picking up a Starbucks reusable hot/cold cup for him. I appreciate every single thing he does for me. Little things to make each other happy is what it’s all about.

In honor of one of my favorite pink, red, & white, shimmery, glittery, “pretty” holidays, I have created a line of special, handmade Valentine’s Day cards. I’ve attached a picture of several. To see the rest of the cards, and to place any orders, please visit my Facebook page – K Joy Creations.  [Go to Photos, then choose the “Valentine’s Day Cards ♡” album.] You may also email me at .

Enjoy this special day with your friends and loved ones. 🙂 “Laugh every day. Live every moment. Love beyond words.”



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