Roadtrip to Savannah, Georgia. March 7-10, 2013

ImageMy First Time in Georgia!

     Last week, my boyfriend and I took a mini vacation and drove to Savannah, Georgia.  He has been before (but had never done the “tourist thing.”)  It was my first time ever! The furthest south I had ever been before this trip was South Carolina for Easter 2012. Charleston to be exact, and that place was just as beautiful.

     We left on a Thursday, and drove back to Virginia Beach on Sunday. To keep this blog post short, I will post what I posted as a Facebook status, as the highlights of our trip –


      I had an amazing time with my Love as always. Sometimes you just need to get away from home, and this was one beautiful place to do just that! 🙂  Below are a few more pictures – a collage of our tour on the Oglethorpe Trolley (tour around historic downtown,) and a collage of us on beautiful River Street!



Below is a Palm Leaf “Rose” that he got for me as we strolled along River Street. Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂


     I loved every minute of our trip and look forward to returning to sweet Savannah one day!

Take care, dear friends.




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