Washi Tape – My New Found Love!


Better late than never!

     For a while now, I have always heard other Crafters talk about, and post pictures of “Washi Tape” [Pretty crafting tape.] I always wondered what its purpose was, other than having another “pretty collection.”  I now own a whopping 6 rolls! 🙂 [Pictured above, from Michael’s & A.C. Moore.]  Nothing compared to others, but it’s a start! I have a feeling this collection will steadily grow. 😉

     Below is a picture of the first card I made using Washi Tape. I LOVE how it came out.  I don’t take credit for the idea – I saw it when I did a “Washi Tape Project” google image search. I of course put my own spin on it, and it is my handwriting of course.  I used a pre-cut white card from Michael’s, white cardstock for the balloon, and wrapped it in some Washi Tape, and also put the tape down the right side of the card. The “string” is my writing – I used a ZIG fine tipped marker.  I hope you like it!


Check my other stuff out on my K Joy Creations page. [click on Photos once you get to the main page] & order away! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Washi Tape – My New Found Love!

    • Thank you soo much, Sam!! I bought 4 more packs of 2 today, so that’s 8 rolls. Aahhhh! 😀 [one was on clearance and 3 packs on sale – 40% off! 🙂 so I think it came out to 8 rolls for $11. 😀 I’ll be so excited the day I get some MT tapes though!

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