Easy Wrapping Paper DIY!

Are you out of wrapping paper? Or do you have wrapping paper but would like to do something different?!

Here’s a simple and quick DIY project for you!

All you need:

  • Craft Paper [They even sells rolls of this at Dollar Tree.]
  • Chalkboard Paint [Under $2 at any craft store.]
  • Brush or sponge brush
  • Chalk

All you need to do is wrap the gift; this project works best on gifts with a flat surface. Then you smear or paint chosen area with chalkboard paint. Once it’s dry, you just decorate it with chalk! Below is an example of how I wrapped my BFF’s gift. She loved it! If you need ideas for designs, just check out “chalk designs” on Pinterest

Enjoy! Happy wrapping & decorating!



Stationery = Heaven

Funny title, right? I wish I could hard core blog, but I think that I’m just not cut out for it. lol. I would LOVE to be, and maybe I could focus more to get there, but for now, my pictures with random blurbs like this one will do. 🙂 Just wanted to share this pretty pic; I also posted this on Instgram (view & please follow me: @kjoycreations) yesterday.

How freakin’ beautiful is this sight and set-up? I adore HomeGoods and want everything!!! lol.

HomeGoods Heaven

HomeGoods Heaven

 Anyway, that’s it for now; just wanted to share the pic. Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday. 🙂

K Joy Designs


 2014-04-28 18.01.38

     So in addition to K Joy cards, canvases, kartoonies, birthday/event decor, I’ve also been working on a lot of “K Joy Designs.”  I’ve even finished up a tattoo design for someone recently!  I’ve done one for two sisters who run their own make-up artistry company (above), one for a blog logo, and below is a graduation announcement I’ve designed, and copies were made by the family.  This saved them a lot of money by just purchasing the design from me, making copies on card stock to send to family members & friends!  

     The projects I’ll be working on soon, will be a new design for myself (I want to order some stickers and need a design for my logo so I can give it away with card/Fancy Frame orders, a la the Hallmark golden crown seal, and I also need new business cards for myself), and I will also be working on a “Save the Date” card design for someone.  I hope you enjoy these, as I enjoy working on them. 🙂

2014-03-18 16.19.29-1




Wow, where have I been!? It’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted anything. I definitely would like to post more frequently; even if they are short entries. 🙂

Many special things have been going on, and I will give a really quick summary here, and hopefully write a separate detailed entry on each one.

1. K JOY CREATIONS is growing!

Yes! I’ve added canvases, K Joy Hearts, and Birthday/Event Decor to my list of products/services.

2. My Love & I celebrated our 3rd year (dating) anniversary!

We celebrated in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; this definitely deserves its own entry. 🙂


My brother & sister-in-law are expecting Mackenzie Ann this coming August. We are all so very excited.

     There are many other smaller things that have happened of course, but those are the three highlights. 🙂 I will try my best to post more, and post soon. 🙂 🙂





We are moving to Richmond!

     I couldn’t sleep Sunday night…tossed & turned til about 5(ish) a.m. I heard a bird chirp before I finally closed my eyes.

     I played this song (because it so fits our situation) & he started singing to me. I cried even more.

Come With Me – by Shai

“I got a call. A telephone call today.
Somebody’s offering a job a thousand miles away,
And I want to take it, it’s the opportunity of a life time,
But I need a second opinion, an opinion other than mine.

So I, I’m turning to you,
Because you always seem to know what to do.
When times like these arrive, I call,
On my only true friend in the world, my girl.

So I, I want to know,
Should I really, really go,
And if so, Are you coming with me?
I, I got to know,
If you really want me to go,
And if so, Come with me.

I never wanted anything as much as I want you with me.
You were the one who said to follow my dreams,
Of having a house, a car, a view of the stars, and a beautiful wife,
So I need someone I can go with,
I need some love in my life.

So I, I’m turning to you,
Because you always seem to know what to do.
When times like these arrive, I call,
On the only real love of my life, you are my life.

I want to know,
Should I really, really go,
And if so, Are you coming with me?
So I, I got to know,
If you really want me to go,
And if so, Come with me.”

Watch and Listen to this beautiful song!

     One would think that growing up a Military Brat would make me almost immune, definitely not as sensitive, to any moving & to any change – because that’s what we did for so many years. Move, move, move – not only from city to city, but also country to country. But after being in one place for so long after my Dad got out of the Army, (Virginia Beach,) 16 years to be exact, I feel pretty much like a “civilian” & almost forgot what “change” was about.

     A better job opportunity came up for Duane in Richmond, and he’s taking it. We’re taking the plunge & moving. Scary stuff! He asked me to come & I said yes, in a heartbeat!

     I know that Richmond is only around a hundred miles away, not a thousand, but it still seems far for someone who is SO close to her parents. Anyone who knows me, knows how close I am to both of them. I think I’m being a baby about it, but I’ve never lived further than 15 minutes away from them, so this 2 hour thing is a big deal for me.

     I’m sure that I’ll get used to it, and some other major changes involved with the move as well. My mom always said to follow my heart. Duane is my heart, so I am following & going with him. I will always support him & have his back. This will be a totally new chapter in our lives, and we will be ok. Because we’ll be together.



     Just a writing a quickie piece; I’ve realized that I am not much of  “writer” per say, I just love to share pictures, with just a little bit of “story” with them. 🙂  Below is a collage of the Wedding Anniversary card I worked on today – custom order – copper & mint green card. I made it from scratch with just 3 types of card stock and my Elegant Writer Calligraphy marker. I just love how it turned out. Ain’t love grand? 🙂


WrestleMania! [Shared Passion]

     So you know how we all have our own interests and passions right? My passion is in anything pretty, girly, and crafty. My boyfriend’s is in Sports and anything cooking related, being that he is a Professional Chef.  In our almost two years together, (next month, May 20th, 2013 will be our 2nd year of dating) there is a passion that was once his, but has become ours – WWE! 🙂 I never thought I’d say it, but I actually enjoy watching it with him! We’ve even watched one Monday night Raw live in Richmond!  🙂  Today we are hosting a WrestleMania party, since we can’t go to the real thing.   Good food, good friends, and good wrestling, can’t ask for more on a nice “It almost feels like Spring, Sunday.”   

    Below are some of my creations for this event- the first one is of our Ikea Chalk board that I change regularly based on occasion/event/Holiday, and beneath it is picture of my Honey holding a poster I created from scratch- just pencil and permanent markers- Sharpies & BIC Mark-It markers.





Washi Tape – My New Found Love!


Better late than never!

     For a while now, I have always heard other Crafters talk about, and post pictures of “Washi Tape” [Pretty crafting tape.] I always wondered what its purpose was, other than having another “pretty collection.”  I now own a whopping 6 rolls! 🙂 [Pictured above, from Michael’s & A.C. Moore.]  Nothing compared to others, but it’s a start! I have a feeling this collection will steadily grow. 😉

     Below is a picture of the first card I made using Washi Tape. I LOVE how it came out.  I don’t take credit for the idea – I saw it when I did a “Washi Tape Project” google image search. I of course put my own spin on it, and it is my handwriting of course.  I used a pre-cut white card from Michael’s, white cardstock for the balloon, and wrapped it in some Washi Tape, and also put the tape down the right side of the card. The “string” is my writing – I used a ZIG fine tipped marker.  I hope you like it!


Check my other stuff out on my K Joy Creations page. [click on Photos once you get to the main page] & order away! 🙂